Dear Dr. Hammel and Dr. Sitron:

My name is _________________ and I am a 44 year old mother or two. I reside with my husband and children in Farmingdale. Today, I underwent a scheduled CAT scan at your radiology group which was probably about the tenth or so time I have been to your facility.

My doctors used to send me to ____________, and for all I knew at the time, it was the only radiology group around. Even though I dreaded going there because of the hecticness, tension, and the “you are only a number” feeling that was always present, I continued to go. I don’t know who sent me to Sitron-Hammel first, but I have refused to go anywhere else since. I have had x-rays, mammos, CTs, sonos, etc. over the years, and my son was also x-rayed and found to have a broken leg as a result of a cyst. In fact, I remember your office waiting for me to come over with my 4 year old from the pediatrician as it was Saturday and you were closing early.

The intent of this letter is to compliment you on a fantastic group of people and fantastic facilities. I can’t remember one time during the many times I have been there not being treated like a real person, not being greeted with a smile, not havng something explained to me without asking, not having a question thoroughly answered, however insignificant it may have been, like it was the first time they were ever asked it.

The girls behind the counter are quite busy, but go about their jobs efficiently without treating me like I was the 25th person that day that they did the exact same thing for. My calls for appointments/questions etc. have always been pleasant and personal. Someone even called me to move up my CT from 2 p.m. to 11 a.m. as they had a cancellation and knew I would be fasting a long time that day.

The personnel performing the tests have always been friendly, personable, professional and always giving me the feeling of respect, privacy and understanding as to what problem may have brought me there in the first place.

The waiting room décor is so pleasant that I don’t mind waiting. In fact, I feel as though I am in my own living room (without my kids of course). Oh, speaking of kids…there have been times when my boys were about 4 and 7 years old that I had to bring them with me if they were not in school. I was told that the kids could sit with the girls at the front desk while I went back, and they even had a box of toys for them to play with.

I really could go on and on, but I will close by saying this: I have been in other offices that are run badly. I have been spoken down to, and I have seen others spoken down to. I have been “sighed at” for asking a question. I have witnessed tension between other employees that eventually just come out when they are speaking to you. I have seen employees that are having a bad day treat patients as if they were the reason for it.

I am grateful for Sitron-Hammel and every employee I have ever dealt with there. Please, just keep doing what your are doing.

(Name protected for Privacy)

(Name protected for Privacy)